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1. If you can map one triangle onto another using only isometric transformations, then . A) the figures are similar B) the figures are congruent . C) the figures are proportional D) the figures are regular . 2. Quadrilateral BAFG ≅ Quadrilateral MHNU. What would be another correct congruence statement for these two quadrilaterals? A) Quad. 11. yes; SSS Similarity Thm. 12. yes; SAS Similarity Thm. 13. no 14. yes; SSS Similarity Thm. 15. yes; AA Similarity Post. 16. B C A X Y Z 60 60 12 6 3 6 917. < A B C Y Z X 80 80 85 15 SAS Similarity Thm AA Similarity Post. 18. a. AA Similarity Post. b. Sample answer: Use the similar triangles to set up the proportion l} 10 5 28} 8; 35 ft ... of a triangle, but the conjecture is not proven. Jason wants to prove the relationship to be absolutely certain he is correct. 5. Make use of structure. When you are given a figure for a proof, you cannot change anything in the figure. But you can add a line to a figure to help you complete the proof. A line used in this manner is called an