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Stacked Bar Chart SAS Code (right click link to open and save SAS code) For more information... we recommend: For SAS Users: SAS Essentials: A Guide to Mastering SAS 2nd Edition - provides an introduction to SAS statistical software, the premiere statistical data analysis tool for scientific research. Through its straightforward approach, the ...The Basics of Creating Graphs with SAS/GRAPH® Software Jeff Cartier, SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC ABSTRACT SAS/GRAPH software is a very powerful tool for creating a wide range of business and scientific graphs. This presentation provides an overview the types of graphs that can be produced with SAS/GRAPH software and the basic procedure syntax for Sample 41976 - Create a bar chart in which the subgroups total 100% for each midpoint[ View Code] Sample 41975 - Annotate a right vertical axis on PROC GCHART output [ View Code ] Sample 41603 - Reorder the subgroups in stacked bars using PROC GCHART [ View Code ]