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Sheet Music of 50 popular Arabic Songs in one Book! – Including 7 lists of more than 34 Arabic Maqam (Arabic music modes) – Musical Scores for many famous Arab composers: Farid El Atrache, M. Abdel Wahab, Rahbani Brothers, Wadih Al-Safi, Sayid Darweesh, Karem Mahmood, Sayid Makkawy, Zakariya Ahmad, Ziad Rahbani and more (+ Folk songs, Muwashahat Andalusiya, Qudood Halabiya)… The Arab world was perfecting the art of microscopically adjusted tuning (Maqamat) as early as the 14th Century. It’s an art because you can’t mathematically come to a perfectly adjusted tuning. But you can make some sound better than others for you, and for the style of music you play. Art.