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Enum4Linux. Published 2016-01-23. Categorized as Tools Tagged #enum, Kali Linux, Tools. ... Mac OS X Basics. Published 2020-01-17. Categorized as Cheatsheets Tagged OS. Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux Enum4Linux. Enum4Linux provides you the same functionality as enum.exe when it comes to enumerating Windows & SMB hosts. This tool is ...The ultimate preparation guide for the unique CEH exam. The CEH v9: Certified Ethical Hacker Version 9 Study Guide is your ideal companion for CEH v9 exam preparation.. This comprehensive, in-depth review of CEH certification requirements is designed to help you internalize critical information using concise, to-the-point explanations and an easy-to-follow approach to the mater Enum4linux is a tool for enumerating information from Windows and Samba systems. It attempts to offer similar functionality to enum.exe formerly available from Attempt to get the userlist (-U) and OS information (-o) from the target ( [email protected]:~# enum4linux -U -o