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Text generators use text characters to create text-and-number-based animations, such as timecode, time-and-date, or countdown animations. The Inspector for each Text generator contains four panes: Format, Appearance, Layout, and Text Generator. The first three panes (Format, Appearance, and...Free 80s font that you ca use to quickly create a chrome text effect. To make an 80s text is so easy using our online tool. How Does It Work? The MockoFun creative text works ONLY inside the MockoFun tool. Write text using pre-made image fonts and download the result as JPG, PNG or PDF for print. Free Chrome Text Effect Tutorial. 81. 837.Cursor Trail Text II IE5+ Opr7+ legacy-User Submitted This is a variation of the popular cursor trail script above that renders multiple copies of the same text, all following the mouse is a delayed fashion. The effect can be set to dismiss after x seconds. Document CrossHair IE5+ legacy